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Click the button below to fill out the form and book an appointment to come in and talk about your cake.

*Please note that all custom orders must be paid for in advance. Filling out the appointment form does not mean that your order has been placed. We will always speak to you in person to confirm any custom order

Types of Appointments


Custom Cake Design

This appointment is for any type of custom cake or dessert we make. We recommend setting up an appointment if you have not used us before or are not familiar with our types of cakes or style of decorating. 

Our staff can help guide you by showing you examples of our work and explaining the different types of decorations you can order.

This appointment is also recommended if you are placing an order for a larger item(s) that might have more intricate detail. 


Wedding Cake Design

This is a free appointment to talk about the design of your wedding cake!

Because there are many details to create a wedding cake, we like to get them all nailed down ahead of time so that there is absolutely no added stress from our end on your wedding day.

This appointment is recommended if you are familiar with our cake and already know what flavors you like. If you don't, then we recommend the Wedding Cake Tasting appointment!


Wedding Cake Tasting

This is exactly what it sounds like. You get to come hang out and eat cake!

Our tasting includes a selection of four of our most popular cakes and fillings, as well as two additional flavor choices.

We will also go over cake design and pricing, and familiarize you with any aspects of the process that might be new to you!

The cost of the tasting is $30, which is then applied to your wedding cake if you book with us within 30 days. 

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