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Red Velvet Cake
Happy Kids

Looking for Inspiration?

Tips for Ordering a Custom Cake

If you are planning to order a custom cake, the possibilities are nearly endless! It can be overwhelming, but we try to make the whole process as easy as possible while making sure you get the perfect cake. YOUR cake, made uniquely for you or your loved ones. Before we begin, here are some helpful tips...

Image by Xan Griffin

Custom cakes can range from $30 to $3000 or more! If you are trying to stay in a certain budget please let us know! We can also make design suggestions to reduce the cost if needed. The three factors affecting cost are Size, Design and Flavors.

Image by Andrew Moca
Know your servings

How many people do you want to feed? This helps us suggest the correct sizing, which can range from 2 to 200 servings! Do you plan to have a little left over to enjoy later? We base our serving sizes on the industry standard of 2x2".

Look at and bring Pictures!

Check out our gallery for inspiration! Feel free to check google and other sources as well! We can take elements from different designs you like and put them together to make something unique just for you!

Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya
Know the Timeline

Our general guideline is to plan at least a week in advance. For cakes serving 30 people or less made of chocolate or vanilla we can usually take orders within 48hrs. Are you a last minute Larry? It's OK, just call us! We will find a solution. We are here to help!

Image by Jocelyn Morales
Think about Flavors

Standard cake flavors are chocolate or vanilla with buttercream icing. If a fancy flavor is where you want the cake to shine, then we also have: Strawberry, Red Velvet, Hummingbird, Carrot and even Funfetti!

Image by Aleksandr Popov

We advise all of our customers to plan on putting the cake on the flattest, lowest surface possible in their vehicle. Usually their trunk or floor. We highly discourage anyone holding the cake on their lap! Is it a tiered cake? We recommend bringing an SUV if possible.

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