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"Did you see the cake?!"

090818-lizzy+darius-wedding-292.jpg what your guests will say when they arrive

It's your special day, and there is so much to do! Plans to make, people to talk to and colors to choose! It's a lot, and deciding who to trust with the centerpiece of the whole celebration is the cherry on top!

But we're here for you! Almost 40 years of wedding cake creations and deliveries will ensure that you get exactly what you want, when you want it and where you want it.


"Did you taste the cake?!"

090818-lizzy+darius-wedding-817.jpg what your guests will say when they leave

What is a cake if not edible art?

And when we say edible, we mean delicious!

You and your guests deserve to end the night on a sweet note.

Come taste the cake that your guests will be talking about for years to come!

Looking for Inspiration?

Dessert Tables & More

Sometimes non-traditional can be more fun, and even more cost effective! If you are looking to stray from tradition, look no further. Whether you would prefer to do a dessert table with a variety of sweets, opt for petit fours instead of a wedding cake, or just do a small cutting cake with a matching sheet cake, we have a solution for you!

It goes beyond just flavors and colors!

If you are feeling completely lost with this whole cake thing, no need to worry! Our consultants do their best to guide you to a design that you will love and falls within your budget. Here are some helpful tips to get you ready for your consultation...

Pink Theme Bouquet

Determine a theme

What's your style? Elegant? Rustic? Romantic? It's helpful for the consultant to know what you like so they can make recommendations. Are you trying to match decor or floral arrangements? Bring pictures or samples!

Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya

Know the Timeline

Booking are done at least a month in advance! Most brides do their tasting 3-6 months before. Dates are reserved with a 50% deposit and balance due a month before your wedding.

Image by Jocelyn Morales

Think about Flavors

What kinds of cake would you and your guests enjoy? We have many flavors available; see our most popular here. Looking for something not on our list? Let us know and we may be able to do it for you!

Book a Tasting Now!

Image by Aleksandr Popov


Pickup or Delivery? Ask your venue about the delivery time window or any restrictions. Is there a gate? Steep hill? Vicious raccoons?

Wedding Cake

Bring Pictures!

We have a gallery, but the possibilities are endless! We can take elements from different designs you like and put them together to make something unique just for you!

Image by Xan Griffin


Base price starts at $6 per serving (not including delivery or setup if applicable). Don't forget sales tax also must be added to the total price!

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